Earn crypto
in any market

Our advanced strategy grows your crypto assets on auto-pilot. Investomat harnesses the upside potential of crypto in a predictable and safe way.

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Investomat vs BTC return

Investomat return: 1541.2%
BTC holding return: 833.9%

Simple and secure

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Highly secure

Your funds never leave Binance — one of the world’s most reliable exchanges

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Risk managed

Our algorithm is designed to deliver consistent performance across diverse market conditions

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Investomat algorithm consistently outperforms Bitcoin holding as well as traditional assets

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Stress-free investing with our fully automated strategy

Still have doubts?

I can manage Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies myself
With Investomat you wouldn't need to time the market, watch for market downturns, wait for bull market. And that's all while getting higher returns than a Bitcoin holder.
I can get higher returns with altcoins
While trading alts seems like a attractive way to get rich quick, keep in mind that over 90% of manual traders loose money in the long term. If you wish to use a systematic approach instead of relying on luck, Investomat is right for you.
Stocks are less volatile than crypto
With our ground breaking strategy risk of drawdowns (loss of initial investment value) in 1 year time horizon is much smaller than with stock investing.
Sharing my exchange API keys is a risk
Good point. At Investomat we use encryption to transfer and store your keys. Also we require that you have withdrawals disabled when your connect your keys — so your funds are safe and completely under your control.


What is Investomat?

Investomat is a fully automatic service that manages crypto assets in your Binance exchange account.

Does the performance of Investomat depend on market cycles?

While general market conditions do affect the performance of Investomat, it is designed to perform well in any market.

Can I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw your funds at any time. There is no lockup period.

What is the recommended time horizon to expect profitability?

We recommend a time horizon of 1 year or more.

What kind of algorithm do you offer?

Our algorithm makes 30-100 trades a year based on numerous market indicators. The algorithm is market-neutral, meaning it performs well in all market cycles. It is optimized to provide maximum returns in USD over a 1-year horizon.

How do you manage the risk associated with crypto trading?

Investomat uses the following risk management strategies: (1) The algorithm is market-neutral, and its performance is not heavily affected by market cycles. (2) In case of sudden market downturns, your funds are quickly converted into stablecoins. (3) During bear markets, no trades are made.

What assets are traded?

Investomat only trades the BTC/USDT pair. All other assets in your account are ignored.

Do you offer monthly plans?

Yes, however, as with any sound investment strategy, a long-term commitment is required to fully benefit from our service.

Can I trade manually while using Investomat?

Manual trading is not recommended, as it may interfere with the algorithm's activity and compromise performance.

Is Investomat available worldwide?

To use Investomat, you must have a Binance account. Please check the following link for the list of supported countries: https://www.binance.com/en/country-region-selector.

What tax laws apply to my investment?

The tax laws of your country of residence apply. Your funds are held in your Binance account, and you are responsible for reporting your gains and losses to the relevant tax authorities.